Is there a new evolution from SEO to SXO?

For digital marketing, SEO has been important especially for ranking higher, attracting visitors, and generating leads. But, is this enough for digital marketing? The latest trend in digital marketing is the SXO that comes with many expectations for digital marketers and business persons.

It seems like SXO is the new era of search experience optimization. SXO is mainly an amalgamation of the user experience best practices and traditional SEO tactics. In this, the ultimate goal of the website is focused on. Because of this, there’s a huge focus on the quality user experience for an overall increase in conversions and sales. According to the experts, there are certain pointers on which consideration needs to be made for improving the user’s search experience. These include credibility, usability, accessibility, and many more.

SXO emphasizes the free search engine’s users of not on any particular customer. With this, there will flow of the information in the order possible for the user. This means there will be less interaction of a user with the search engine and will be a better user experience. Therefore, it is being said that SXO is the new SEO in digital marketing.


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